What’s Really in Your Wine?

Grapes and yeast, sure. But what about Zyme-O-Clear, Gelaxina or mega purple? F&W explores the weird, wide-ranging world of 
wine additives—and asks what 
effect (if any) they have on taste. Think back to the last bottle of wine you drank. What 
do you suppose went into making it? Easy, you 
might say. Grapes. And yeast….


LA Gals Please join us for a  lunchon

Please join us for a Complimentary Financial Health and Wellbeing Luncheon. “You don’t want to miss this”  We are NOT selling anything, we just want to share some advice and answer your questions Please RSVP now.  Seating is very limited.           Sunday, September 25th from 11:30am to 2:30pm Doors open at 11:00am. First come first serve seating,…


10 Black Women Who Made America Great

Men tend to get all of the credit for everything, especially the Civil Rights Movement. While Dr. Martin L. King Jr. and Malcolm X are known as the faces of the movement, black history is brimming with women whose contributions are equally noteworthy. Here’s our list of black women who helped to advance the race…

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