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Women of Wine Series, by Terry Nozick

Part 2: Austria’s Heidi Schrock When my husband and I arrived in the small town of Rust on the western shore of Lake Neusiedl in sunny southeastern Austria, we felt we were stepping into the past. With ancient-looking but well-maintained family homes with large wooden “garage” doors that were once used to allow animal-drawn carts…


Women of Wine Series, Part 1: Kitá Honors Chumash Legacy

By Terry Nozick Culver City, CA, In wine there is truth … and beauty … and memories. Here are a few of my wine truths. Kitá: Purity and Balance Samala is the native language of Central California’s Chumash Indian tribe, and their word Kitá means “our valley oak.” Oak trees dot the 1,400 acres of vineyard property,…


Wine and insects do not mix!

Recent studies has proven that these diminutive ladies have expensive tastes. mosquitoes will flit among upscale outdoor cafes until they come across the guy with the priciest glass of red wine.

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