Soul Coach Nicole


Movies As Therapy …by Soul coach Nicole

Ignite our humor : On days when you can’t laugh about yourself, or the circumstances at hand, it can be utterly therapeutic to watch a good comedy and to remember that life isn’t as serious as you make it out to be. Remember laughing is healing and powerful and never a waste of your time….


What’s In Your Toolbox? Nicole Scheier ~Soul Coach

I hear a lot of people say things like: “I used to meditate.” “I used to journal.” “I used to go to acupuncture.” “I used to practice Yoga.” “I used to do a juice cleanse once a year.” And then, something happened and you stopped.


The Smile That Changed My Life, by Nicole Scheier

Sometimes we feel so powerless in this world, where mayhem seems to reign – where there are countless fires in need to be put out and where suffering and poverty on all levels is absolutely overwhelming. These circumstances can feel so daunting that any effort on one’s part appears useless.

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