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Healthy Dark Chocolates by Dr. Sue

If you were one of the lucky ones that attended our Wine Women and Wednesday Networking Salon – you tasted these decadent albeit healthy chocolates.  If not, never fear you can NOW order them directly to your home to enjoy the deliciousness. The Assorted Bark Collection is the best to try 3 mouthwatering flavors. Cookie…


Lycium – Goji Berry SuperFood Tonic Herb

It’s Lycium month here at Jing Herbs, and we’re celebrating by sharing lots of information about this classic Chinese herb! We’re also offering you a FREE* bag of Jing Herbs Lycium… see below for details! Lycium barbarum, also known as Goji berry, is an amazing Chinese superfood tonic herb that not only helps to support health and…


Minda by Design Jewelry

  Minda Jewelry Party coming soon to wine,women and chocolate August 11am email: for more information for August 11 party or book your own Minda by Design party!  Jewelry by Minda

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