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Favorite Videos This is long, but if you want to know what real beauty is, than take the time. I know you’re worth it.
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I’m Just Sayin’

  • Women and Hollywood

    In the top 100 grossing films Women represent a total of 30% of characters, 29% of ...

Wine, Women and Chocolate

Welcome to our online magazine, where women come to UNWIND, GEAR UP and CATCH UP.
We have fantastic columnists sharing their expertise on:
Wine Women and Chocolate
  • * Soul talk. A healthier you, inside and out.
  • * Tips on growing old gracefully.
  • * Staying in shape.
  • * Hormonal challenges.
  • * Relationship challenges.
  • * Oh, and chocolate.
  • * And WINE.
Lots about chocolate and wine.

The Book Nook

  • After The Sucker Punch

    AFTER THE SUCKER PUNCH  They buried her father at noon, at five she found his journals, ...

Use Your Hormones as an Excuse
Yes You Can... Use Your Hormones as an Excuse
A book of rants on the foibles and fundamental challenges that come with the territory of midlife and hormonal imbalance... more about the book from Amazon >